Sunday, August 3, 2008

Carlin's dead, Im not

I AM still alive, incase any of the zero readers were wondering. I just got really lazy about posting since I havent been getting on stage. I'd like to say I havent had time to get onstage due to my 2 jobs, but that would be a major cop out. It's a very minor obstacle to simply ask for a monday night off. Truth is, I've been procrastinating and allowing my stage fright to come up with excuses.
I have been going to shows and have found a couple places I'd like to perform at soon. Only problem is, its a bar scene and its really hard to get ppls attention. People dont go to a bar to see a comedy show. They go to drink and socialize. I'd have a really big problem if I was a patron of the bar trying to talk with friends or maybe flirt with a couple ladies (shh dont tell my wife), and some guy with a mic started shhshing me because I was interrupting the show. No, Im not interupting the show, you are interupting my 'game'. So there's another EXCUSE for me not trying to take the stage at the only available open mics in town. So tell me Roly, when the FUCK are you going to get stagetime.
I think that last paragraph was all over the place, but somehow it makes sense to me. And since im the only one that reads this, I wont be editing. I refuse to conform. But Im sure most comics would agree it sucks to have to perform on a milkcrate in the middle of a bar and no one paying attention. And most comics would still take the stage simply because its all we can get. So, snap out of it! Take the stage already.
George Carlin passed away recently and through the countless specials dedicated to carlin, I learned a bit more about him and comedy in general. About him, I learned that we were kind of similar in our approach to the craft. Turns out, he'd been keeping a journal since the beginning of his career. Sound familiar? Here I am thinking Im doing something revolutionary, offering my future fans a glimpse into the life of a beginning comic and how he made it big when all along, Carlin had beat me to the punch.
I also learned a bit more about comedy writing in general through these Carlin specials. Essentially there are 2 kinds of standup writers. Wordsmiths, as Carlin and I are. (Dont slam me. I know im not, or ever will be in the same level as Carlin) Every word he spoke onstage was carefully and meticulous crafted to perfect his bits. The other kind of writer is the ranter. Basically a ranter thinks up a topic the s/he finds interesting and tries to make it funny without sitting down and actually crafting a joke. They get on stage and just talk about nuances and its usually a hack topic. It may sound like im slamming this style and Im truly trying not to. I know it wont work for me and frankly, I think its a lazy approach. It usually works well with audiences if the comic has some personality, but I imagine it would work so much better if the comic put some time and effort into what he's going to say. As I write this, I have 1 particular comic in mind. Its a local comic who Ive worked with and have become good aquaintances with. He's been doing this alot longer than I have, so who am I to tell him how to write. It does kind of bother me tho, that he thinks thats the only way to do it. So, of course, he pushes that approach on me. I can never get behind a micstand with knowing exactly what Im going to say. My performance anxiety would never allow me to attempt it. Hopefully, I can get over my stage fright, because the open-minded part of me would like to try that approach. It may work well for my act to mix it up. Well, the family just arrived so I've completely lost my train of thought. I'll wrap this one up and hopefully my next entry will include a story about me onstage.

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