Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My first gig proved to be a success. The event's organizer was thrilled with our performance and said everyone enjoyed our show. The crowd was about 80 successful businessmen and women and I hosted. What kind of threw me off was that the event's emcee was really funny. He knew everyone and jabbed at all of them. It was nerve racking having to follow that. So I was introduced, did a few jokes and introduced each comic. The comics loved performing for this crowd. They were attentive and had a great collective sense of humor.
Now, the show didnt quite bring on the type of success I was hoping for (at least not yet). I was expecting to be able to network and get some leads for future gigs that night, but after our show, the band they hired stole the show and everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves. So I simply hounded the organizer for the pay and went on my way. I left a nice big stack of cards for them to take so maybe Ill get a few calls soon. The other comics were to bring DVDs to sell, but didnt. Not sure why.
This show did bring on some success other than the immediate praise from the organizer that night. Two of the comics performing that night are part of a group and are working to form an official standup comedy company. They told me they were very impressed with the level of show I was able to put together and sort of invited me to join them. I say sort of because they didnt outright ask me to join them. I simply went over to their home and we discussed quite a few ideas regarding getting more exposure. My concern with the group is that there may be too many mouths to feed. I considered declining the offer, but then i thought, 'what am i doing to help myself?' Nothing. At least being included in a group can keep me a bit busy creatively with little projects and instead of just me looking for work, theres four of us working for a common goal- RECOGNITION.

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