Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last couple sets

It's been a little over a month since my last post. Since my last post, I've performed 2 more venues. A small group of comics are trying to form open mic shows in this area to promote local comedy. They had lined up 2 seperate venues and invited me for some stage time. The first was at a sports bar. I couldn't really tell how many people were there since they were scattered all over the place, but I did my set. Tried a couple things and learned I need to time my material better! I had started with my self deprication jokes, extended them. And added a drunk bit, then realized my 5 minutes was up! I missed out on a good closer so I didnt feel too great about my performance. I went outside and as I was coming back in, another comic grabbed me and tried to offer some advice. Being that I'm in the embryonic stages of this comedy 'career', I try to keep an open mind. Take advice from anyone willing to dish it out. But Im not sure this guy even knew where he was standing. He would contradict himself every other sentence. After our talk, he got onstage and, for the life of me I cant remember if I laughed at anything he said. The gist of his 'advice' had to do with my energy level. And he did put out alot of energy onstage. But that energy is wasted if you have no material. So I'll work on my energy. I did get some positive feedback from other comics. So it wasnt a wasted performance. I know what I did well, and I know what I need to work on. A week later, the show was at a latin restaurant with about 10-15 ppl including kids. This meant the show would have to be clean. PG-13 is what they told me. So I stuck to it. That is, until I got to my prostitution bit (which would have been my closer the previous show had I not ran out of time) I blurt out the R-rated word for vagina and I hear a comic grunt PG-13, so I quickly correct myself with the PG word. That got a pretty big laugh and, had I known the kids were outside, I would have kept my bit going. But I was thrown off and wouldn't have been able to substitute all the R rated words in that bit and still been funny. So I skipped most of the bit and went right to the end which somehow got a laugh. I should also mention that I was getting terrible feedback from the PA system (operated by an 11 y/o) and that was also throwing me off. The PG13 restriction was semi-lifted for the rest of the show. They bumped it up to PG16 with permission from a parent. But by then, my set was over but the rest of the performers did pretty well. I'd have to say this was my least good performance so far. I even cancelled a joke before the punchline and didnt realize it till I saw the video later on!
Although I'm dishing out poor performances, I have to say Im really enjoying this. I still have stage fright and get high anxiety the day of the show, but it seems to be slowly going away with every performance. The nervousness I get is dwarfed by the feeling I get once Im offstage. Even if my set is horrible, I can see what I need to work on and look ahead to the next performance.
Now, I was offered my first paying gig! Im set to host a show next month for the guy who taught the comedy class. Basically Im getting back the money I paid for the class. So if i retire after that show, I would have broken even!

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