Monday, March 3, 2008

And thus an addiction is born.

After 4 weeks of attending the comedy class (including stage time at an open mic) and working on my set I did my debut performance. It was an audience of about 25, a bit on the rowdy side so I expected hecklers. I was a little nervous about people screaming out, not because I couldn't handle them, but simply I might have gotten thrown off and forgotten my next line. It was kind of a weird night. The headliner and pretty much every comic couldnt make it for one reason or another. So it turned out to be just me, the host, and one other performer. Its good to know I was the third funniest.
The show started by getting my performance out of the way, which was good for me b/c I was a nervous wreck and I wasn't going to start feeling better until I was done with my set. So Im onstage getting a few laughs and a new joke comes up. I hadnt written it or rehearsed it, but I spit it out anyway. I believe it got the most laughs of any one-liner in my set. The funny thing about that was that I said it wrong and no one noticed. Even I hadnt noticed till a saw the video afterward. Well, heres the joke: 'Well, it's March already, and I have to decide wether to take my tree down, or just leave it up for next Christmas.' Funny right? Well, this is how I said it: 'Well, it's March already, and I have to decide wether to leave my tree up, or just leave it up for next Christmas.' It was weird how everyone got the joke even tho I totally said it wrong.
For the most part, it was a good set. I got laughs throughout, my timing was -mostly- there, and at the end I wasn't booed offstage. I remember having this feeling just as I walked off and the show continued that if there was some possible way, I could get back on that stage and do it again. I felt high. I wanted to go up again that same night! I need my fix. Now I'm just looking for the next open mic i could find close to home. I have new stuff I want to try out, and I have some old stuff that still needs work.

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